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Notes and Assignment

Parents are advised to check Homework Binder on a daily basis.  The back outside clear pocket will contain notes, newsletters, homework.  This must be taken out on a daily basis. If papers are still in the pocket, it indicates that parents did not review the binder contents. 

The Kindergarten Weekly Newsletter is a helpful tool to reference for weekly activiites and homework assingments. Place this newsletter where you can see it on a daily basis.

Homework Packets must be completed and returned every Friday along witht the IStation/Fluency Folder.   Incomplete homework will reflect in the report card.

Fluency homework with sightwords and phrases is a daily must do.  This will help increase the speed in which your child reads.  This was very helpful in having students read at a level of 6 and above.  Several students reached Level 15! This can be your child at the end of this year.